After the resounding success of CISSP certification, we are proud to offer our CISIP certification program. This program, accredited by Onlogius and Rijbroek Cyber Enterprises, is an essential addition for the most seasoned cyber expert in the field of hardened cyber security techniques.

Prerequisites for this certificate are:
  1. At least 5 weeks of relevant work experience, regarding turning electronic devices off and on again. (If one has enjoyed a management course of at least Bachelor of MBA level, an additional 4 year hands-on work experience program is required);
  2. Distance oneself (under oath) from the ethic code of the Cyberkeurmerk and de-registration from the Cyberregister.
Certification exam outline:
  • Cyber Security and Angle grinder management
  • Welded Shut™ Asset Security – with optional NIL or AWS certification
  • Booby Trap Cyber Security Engineering
  • Miscommunications and Network Cyber Security By Obscurity
  • Identity Theft and Access Lockout
  • Smart blockchains and cyber security.
  • Circuit Breaker Assessment and Testing
  • Cyber Wire Cutter Operations
  • Software Development Obscurity
New courses start from September 1st